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We've Got REAL Teachers!

Why Central Florida Insurance School?

Central Florida Insurance School offers the difference.  

It’s all about human interaction and sharing – between you, the instructor, your fellow students and agents and your future clientele.

  • We offer a focused 4-day class. You are IN and OUT and not dragging your heels trying to figure out online tutoring. Follow our expert instruction and you will be licensed in no time!
  • We offer years of experience with hands-on instructors who actually care and want to see you succeed.
  • We take pride in your success – your accomplishment means we’ve done our job well!
  • By offering a live class, we offer networking opportunities. The person sitting next to you may be able to share ideas or potential clientele.
  • Mentoring – We are always happy to share our thoughts and ideas to help get you on the right track.

Does an online computer class offer any of this?

WELCOME TO THE HUMAN RACE – getting to know and learning to work with one another.

Why a Career in the Insurance Industry?

By taking the Life, Health & Variable Annuity Course, a prospective agent is able to position his or her career in a number of directions.

Everyone needs to maintain good health. The Health Insurance industry offers opportunities with every age group – whether under 65 (individuals, families, small and large business groups) or over 65 (Medicare eligible).

“What if” happens to all of us. It just depends on when. The Life and Variable Annuity Industry provides many types of products to help individuals like yourself protect and provide for you and your family’s future.


Get ready for endless opportunities in a career that is valuable and profitable. Make the most out of your life!

  • » Help Others
  • » Provide for your Family
  • » Ensure Your Future
  • » Pride in Your Career

Start your career in insurance now and have a career that you can be proud of!

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